Sport Specific Training

At The Fitness Studio Lewes training programmes are specific to the individual athlete. Our training programmes are designed to optimise performance. No matter what sport or level you are competing at we will help you to the next stage. We work on athletes needing to improve power, strength and speed, as well as improving co-ordination, balance and agility.

We have the use of the excellent facilities at the Lewes Athletics Club, this makes us one of the best venues for sports specific training. We also have a large range of strength and conditioning equipment. For cyclists we offer a variety of training methods including training on turbo trainers and rollers.

Livvy Connor


"I really enjoy my sessions at the Fitness Studio and they have made me much fitter and stronger during the time I've been training there. The sessions are well planned and tailored to my needs so they are of maximum help to my vaulting. I always leave feeling like I've worked really hard and I can see the results which is good motivation to keep going.

I'm hoping to win the English Schools Championships for the first time next season and to qualify for the World Youth Games as soon as possible. I will need to continue working hard at the Fitness Studio so I have the strength to improve my technique (as most of the drills we do for this purpose require you to be really strong) and achieve these goals."

"Luc is really good at motivating me to work as hard as I can. His training methods are harsh but effective and I would be nowhere near as strong as I am now without his help. That's the only way to really improve"

English Schools Championships gold medallist 2015 (pole vault)

English National Championships gold medallist 2014 indoor & outdoor (pole vault)

English Schools Championships bronze medallist 2013 & 2014 (pole vault)

South East Combined Events Championships gold medallist 2013

Jack Harris

Jack Harris

"Over a period of 18 months to 2 years Jack had been having progressively worsening pain in his feet and ankles, at times measuring a pain score of 8/10. MRI scanning showed that Jack was showing signs of stress in the Tibia and Metatarsals of both feet and legs and if he continued to run and jump it would result in fractures. After a disastrous NHS care pathway I was finally put in touch with you through Lewes athletic club.

You went out of your way to understand the sport and the biometrics involved by having pole vault training sessions and researching the findings in the MRI and the recovery and training plan is defiantly working. There is less pain and Jack is now able to go back to limited training and competition.

Not only have you shown an amazing ability to identify and resolve problems and areas that need support and development but you have a great way of delivering it to the young adults you train and support. I have witnessed the respect they have for you, they want to work hard and you engage with them at a level they appreciate and respond to."

As Jacks athletic career progresses I can only imagine we will be seeking your skill for many years to come.

For a young man starting out in business you deserve to go far, there are not many people out there that have such a great attitude and we are all very grateful for your help and support."

Jacks PB went from 3.32 to 3.41, 3.51, 3.61 in the competition and wasn't far off 3.71 clearance.

James Shackleton


During the year I trained with Luc Best he transformed my diet, strength and movement skills, having a direct positive benefit on my technique and achievements in pole vault.

I trained with Luc in group and one-to-one sessions. For each session he created bespoke plans directed towards building strength in movement for pole vault. These rapidly increased my absolute strength and my dynamic strength, allowing me to develop the required movements and progress through the poles necessary to vault higher heights.

He also overhauled my diet with a nutrition plan that ensured I ate the right foods for both strength and pole vault training. As a result I have far more energy and a greater ability to maintain my form when sprinting and vaulting. All of this has enabled me to train and compete more effectively.

I was aware of Luc's care in supporting each client train for their own needs, and I would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer to groups and individuals."