Personal Training Testimonials


"Thank you, Luc, so much for helping turn my life around. Your personal touch to coaching is second to none.

I was extremely unfit and overweight when I started with you. Going to a gym with complete privacy and having a coach all to oneself helps so much with the journey to fitness. You have tailored every session to my needs and every session has been different which has kept my interest. I had never run at all before meeting you and it was one of my requests/dreams when I started to learn to run the track, it was a hard journey but your encouragement all the way was amazing.

As a diabetic, the health benefit through diet and exercise has been amazing. I have not only lost 4 stone in weight but gone from 3 tablets a day to one and my blood readings have completely normalised.

So, thank you Luc, please feel free to put this on your website as a testimonial and anyone reading this, go for it, it's worth every penny and effort.


Peter H

"Working with Luc is like training to compete as a professional athlete. While some trainers I have used put you through a standard programme, he approaches each session with a highly personalised plan that changes every time. Luc uses a challenging mix of pilates, yoga, HIIT, weights and athletics training which have given me surprising results in a few months. My technique has improved massively. Great guy, terrific private studio.

Peter H, Fitzjohns Rd Lewes."

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